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Continuing to Keep Our District Strong

The North Ridgeville Schools have the opportunity to protect quality education – without increasing taxes. Our community can make this happen by voting FOR Issue 13 on the March 17 ballot. Issue 13 is a substitute tax levy. It will combine four of our existing levies into a single levy that will not increase taxes. Issue 13 accounts for nearly 40% of our District's local operating budget. It is critical to protect the quality education that has contributed to our city’s growth.
Our enrollment has grown by more than 700 students in the past decade, but our schools are still operating at 2012 funding levels. Issue 13 allows our schools to benefit from our residential growth. Issue 13 will update our millage and spread the cost of funding our schools among residents. It will not increase taxes.
Vote for strong schools. Vote for Issue 13. Click here to read frequently asked questions about Issue 13.

Campaign Videos

District Treasurer Patrick East explains Issue 13, which will be on the March 17, 2020 ballot.

North Ridgeville City Schools Treasurer Patrick East explains why the District is combining four levies into one for Issue 13.

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